Eastern European in Spirit? and Good News

I was doing some late-night research on Soccerboy’s culture, and guess what I found out?  “[They] are enthusiastic bread eaters.”

Are you kidding me?!  I would pick bread over chocolate.

I also discovered a superstition/tradition Soccerboy’s culture believes in: if you drop a fork on the floor a woman is coming to visit, and if you drop a knife on the floor a man is coming to visit.  This is also a tradition in our Pennsylvania Dutch family!  This makes sense because his country was ruled by the German aristocracy for seven centuries, and the Pennsylvania Dutch are also from Germany (aaaannnd….my inner history geek exposes itself).

Now for the news: I found out that because I already have a homestudy, the cost for hosting a child will be $100 less!

I’s so grateful for this journey and little steps of connection, as each one gives me more faith for the next.

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