A View from the Other Side

The more time I spend preparing for Soccer Boy’s arrival, the more I realize that this experience, this thing that feels big and different and exciting….it’s simply a drop in a bucket.  There are so many children.  So many waiting to be hosted.  So many who weren’t even chosen for this program.  What is my contribution but a small, small thing, some tiny spark that, really, will maybe just flare quickly and die out in the bleak darkness.

And yet.

That small drop, it ripples.  That spark, it might ignite a life.

I have found that there is a community of people, little drops all, who reveal a world larger than my corner, who see the darkness and fight, who ripple those around them into action.  And I get to be a part of that.  It’s pretty amazing.

Here is one woman’s story of how hosting has changed children who will never be adopted.

Please consider joining me on this journey.  Donate by clicking on the link at the right.  Or, even better, host a child yourself.  Look at these faces.  Be a spark.


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