Faith Building in the Lull

As with every large undertaking, there seem to always be lulls—times of inactivity that can be frustrating and concerning.  It is at these times that temptations for doubt, fear, and second-guessing start to creep in.  It often seems, at least for me, that when I stop being busy doing, the empty space is taken up with worrying.

But life is more than food, the body is more than clothes, and this adventure is more than a cash bottom line.  If I truly believe that bringing Soccer Boy to our home for the summer is bigger than me—and I do—then why am I worried over details that are such a small piece of a larger journey?

So today, I will recount the faith building that is happening in this lull.

  • In the last three months, 21 wonderful families have donated funds that equal almost $2000.  This will cover my payments through April.
  • I found out yesterday that there will be additional flight costs to get Soccer Boy from NYC to Pittsburgh.  This above and beyond my original estimates.  I’m guessing that this will be an additional $400-600??  But today, I got a check in the mail for $100.  There is money for this, too.  I don’t know where it is, but it will be here when I need it.
  • People I don’t know well, who I don’t recall telling about Soccer Boy, have come up to me and told me that they are praying for us.  There really is a community who sees a world wider than our own space.  I am not alone.

And one last, longer faith-building moment: this past Tuesday, I got to speak at Little Man’s school during Chapel.  It was such a special time.  I was sort of dreading it, because I needed to speak in two 25-minute sessions, once for about 50 junior high and high school students, and then again for about 50 elementary students.  How does one make things interesting for two such diverse groups?

I ended up talking to the high schoolers about the statistics and hopelessness that these orphans feel.  One sixteen year old came up and I “sent him on his way” out of school and into life—and I think they understood what a scary plight this is.  Then I told them that if they were orphans, only 5 of them would survive until their 21st birthday.  They seemed to really understand that this is important, that we can offer hope, whether it is in the form of adoption or English training or just being a friend in this big world.

For the younger kids, we talked a lot about how the orphans don’t have parents and teachers and pastors to tell them about Jesus.  I told them that if they lived in Eastern Europe, only three of them would go to church.  One girl said, “Well, how come they don’t play ‘pass it on’ and tell other people too?” and I told her that this was what we were trying to do—imagine if Soccer Boy hears about Christ, then goes home and tells his friends!   We spent a lot of time talking about Soccer Boy and how we could show him our love.  They were appalled to find out that a lot of orphans don’t have their own underwear!  One boy offered to let us borrow his bike for the summer, and another said that we should make a list of things that he needed so they could collect them through the school (underwear was on there, of course).

I am amazed at the generosity of these people.  Some are good friends, but others are simply people I know in passing.  But with each step, we are together preparing to somehow affect the life of one little boy…which could in turn affect so many more.  What an incredible thing.  So I will sit in this lull and try not to worry.  My turn for action will come soon.  I will do my best to use this time to build my faith instead of my fear.

One thought on “Faith Building in the Lull

  1. arwen

    i SO have a hard time with inactivity! it’s crazy – on my own i am totally lazy, but over the years i have generally been so busy that i have forgotten how to sit back and do nothing. God seems intent on forcing me into situations where i just have to sit back and wait, and it kills me. and i so relate to the idea of choosing one path being bittersweet, because it limits our options – i want ALL my options!! thanks for sharing.

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