Fully Funded…And Beyond!

Big news: yesterday, I sent in my final required payment for Soccer Boy.  All of his pre-arrival fees have been fully covered!  I am so grateful to all of my friends and family who contributed monetarily and through their gifts of time and prayer.

Even more big news: I am funded beyond what I ever expected!!!  I had a minimum number in mind (the pre-arrival fees), and a dream number that I was hoping for (to cover the cost of additional items, like connecting flights, dental and vision visits, clothing, supplies, etc).  The donations have EXCEEDED even my dream number by almost $500!!!

And it continues: I have started contacting businesses to see if they would be willing to contribute services during Soccer Boy’s stay.  I already have a dental exam scheduled with a local dentist for free.  And I have received four free passes to the Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh.  I’m checking my mail daily now with increased anticipation.

This journey has already changed me so much.   It gives me faith that all of our needs will be provided for throughout the summer.  There are still a few things that I would like to have for Soccer Boy, so if you have been looking for a way to help us but can’t monetarily, I will be posting soon about some items I would love to be able to borrow for the time he is here.

And it gives me hope for future faith.  Thinking about what might happen while he is here, the families still trying to raise funds, our own future hosting desires, and even the possibility of adoption….none of them seem so impossible anymore.  Intimidating and overwhelming, yes.  But not impossible.

Thank you for making the impossible possible.  And thank you for being part of my journey.  There are so many unknowns ahead of me that can cause me to fear and doubt, but I need to trust the lamp unto my feet and take one step at a time.  Thank you for adding your pieces of kindling to that little lamp and helping it to burn a little bit brighter.  I couldn’t do any of this without you.

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