One Month Out…

Only a month to go until Soccer Boy’s arrival and I’m growing in both anticipation and anxiety.  There is simply so much to do to get ready: things to buy, rooms to red-up (or “get ready/clean” for those of you who aren’t Pa Dutch), posters to make, and oh so much more.

This past weekeGrandma and Momnd, I had the joy of going to a training for new host families with my mom.  It was wonderful to meet other host families in the area and know that this is a vision that others are also excited for.  There was even talk of a Hershey Park weekend so all the kids could enjoy one another.  It was particularly special to share that time with my mom.  It was an emotional trip, as we also visited her mother and got heavy news about others close to us both.  But burdens like how to honor an aging parent and how to empathize with a hurting orphan are burdens best shared across the shoulders of family, and I cannot overstate what it meant to have my mom with me.  She’s my inner circle, among my very dearest friends, and the woman who knows me best in all the world.  To have her intimately understand the heart of this mission and be prepared for what God has called me—and now her—into….well, it’s beyond words.

And so, I am freshly stirred to busyness-with-a-purpose, to being faithful with all my moments, to work to bring love into the world of a child who will be forever changed and who will forever change me.  And that’s where all of you can partner with me.  If you’ve been looking for something to do, here’s your opportunity.  I need several things to prepare for this visit.  And I’m calling all of you yard-sale fiends to mobilize to help!!

Here’s a wish-list of things I would LOVE to have for Soccer Boy’s summer.  If you feel motivated to buy things, great, but I’d love to use yard sales for this purpose.  USED IS FINE (unless otherwise noted).  We are planning to have a get-together locally so that I can thank you all personally for your support and you can bring your finds then!  More information to come.  If you find one of these things, please comment or message me on Facebook, and I will keep the list updated on the right-hand side.

Needs for Soccer Boy

Bike for a nine-year-old
Bike helmet (new or certified as safe)
Digital camera (cheap for him to use)
Bedding set in soccer/sports theme for two twin beds
Soccer Goal
Soccer Balls
Baseball glove
Wiffle ball bat and balls
Air Hand Pump (small so he can take it in his suitcase)
Needles for inflating balls
Sneakers (size 3 or size 4)
Sandals/flip-flops (size 3 or size 4)
Socks (NEW)
Underwear (NEW)
Toiletries (toothpaste/toothbrush, soap, shampoo)
Hand towel and washcloth
Winter outfits (Size 7/8 or 8/10)
Summer outfits (Size 7/8 or 8/10)
Bathing suit and bathing shirt
Winter coat (Size 7/8 or 8/10)
Gloves, hats, scarves
Gift cards for purchasing any of the above


Please note: He will not have room to take all of this home with him. Any remaining items will be kept for another hosting or sold at a yard sale to raise money for another hosting/adoption.

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