Preparations for the Unprepared

As each day I get more excited for Soccer Boy’s arrival, and more overwhelmed with what there is still left to do.  I’m sure it will be fine, but until then, I keep compulsively making lists.  In an effort to clear my spinning head, tonight I am going to make a list of all the things that I have been blessed with since my last post, a mere two weeks ago.

  • Two passes from the Carnegie Science Center, three passes from the Pittsburgh Zoo, and four passes from the Children’s Museum.
  • A set of bunkbeds, complete with set-up, from my parents.  Little Man clambers to the top bunk every chance he gets and imagines all the whisperings that will fill that room.
  • Two generous gift cards for Walmart.  Tomorrow we will be purchasing sports-themed bedding for the bunkbeds, and hopefully a few other things from my list of needs.
  • My students.  I spent the weekend with one of the most precious families that exist in my world, celebrating the graduation of one of “my” girls, and joying with her in the national recognition of her talent.  And I was privileged to be welcomed into their home, sleeping in a room given up for me, taking in their brilliance at a piano recital, laughing at their stories, and listening to the heart of the one in college.  I could have stayed ever so much longer.  Another family even took time to meet me and express their passion for what I do.  And feeling this love, knowing how treasured I am…it makes me want to be like them.  It makes me feel a shadow of what it might be like for Soccer Boy when he comes, and I hope I do half as good a job as they do for me.
  • My mom.  Not that mom-blessings just started in the last two weeks, but her directed support in helping me stay calm and grounded as information whirlwinds attempt to overwhelm me has been a rock of blessing.  She gets it.  She knows every word of that training manual as well as I do.  She and my dad both brush the flies of doubt that come at me, both within and without, not with pith, but with knowledge and truth.  That knowledge only comes from wanting to learn, to understand, and to support with a depth of desire that has unexpectedly made this last leg all the richer.
  • My best friend.  She usually comes for a week in July, and I was sad that it might not work this year, because I wanted her here so much, to be a part of this journey and to love this little boy who has captured my heart.  Today a plan opened in front of us with clarity and such simplicity.  I will have my dearest one and my two glorious goddaughters here for four whole days.  It was more than I could have hoped.

Tonight, I refuse to dwell on the lists not crossed off, the sadness of my Kirby not coming, the posters not made, the work not done, the items not yet purchased, the questions about the future not yet answered.  I will instead look at the unexpected surprises I have gotten in the last two weeks.  In the scurry of last-minute tasks and ramping excitement, I don’t want to forget to marvel at the way I am continually supported, refreshed, and joined in this adventure.

I am so grateful.

24 days!!

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