Today I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Kenneth Hue (optometrist) and Dr. James Connelly (dentist).

New Horizons for Children asks that we provide an eye exam and a dental check-up while the children are here.  This is care that is not provided regularly to them, nor is it covered by any insurance while they are here.  It is a service that we give the kids because we love them.  But it can be expensive.

I contacted Dr. Hue and Dr. Connelly, and both generously gave of their services for free so that Soccer Boy could have exams while he was with us.

I am so grateful for their interest and their willingness to serve in this way.IMG_7256

The eye exam went great!  Soccer Boy is slightly far-sighted, but nothing that needs glasses.  He even took the eye drops like a champ…my own child whined and fussed and did NOT hold up his end of the deal to be “brave and show that really, they don’t hurt.”  Ah well.

The dental exam is another story.  Soccer Boy has beautiful teeth with no current cavities, but it is clear that he has had very poor dental care.  Several of his baby teeth were broken off or pulled improperly, leaving shards behind that did not get pushed out when the adult tooth came in.  Dr. Connelly said that it is probably painful, as it most likely feels like a sharp piece of food in between his teeth irritating his gums.  They all need to be removed.

It also appears that his bottom two six-year molars have been removed.  Based on his other teeth, Dr. Connelly is fairly certain that they were healthy when they were removed.  The best guess is that they were removed so that the wisdom teeth would have room to come in, but it often doesn’t work, because the twelve-year molars simply slant instead of shifting forward.  It’s not a good dental practice according to our standards.


A moment of silliness before the exam.

But their standards are different in Eastern Europe.  Orphans don’t always get the best care, but some of it is cultural as well.  Many countries only require six months of training to be a dentist.

No anesthesia is used in dentistry on these children.

It makes me want to cry.

Soccer Boy was clearly terrified, and asked me at least 10 times before we went if the zobārsts would pull any of his teeth.

No.  Not today.

He left happy, with a new mini “American football” as a prize, and said the zobārsts was labi (good).

Now *I* am the one terrified to tell him what is coming.

Dr. Connelly suggested that I just tell him they will fix his teeth and give him medicine so it won’t hurt, and he will only feel a little pinch.  He said it’s not worth working him up about “pulling” anything, because it will be a totally different experience from what he knows.

He will do all the additional work for free as well.

I am undone.

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  1. Wow that is incredible! God is good!

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