Losing the Loops

The boys have both realized that this time is almost over.

For both of them, it was seeing the affirmation paper chain, once strung so gaily from one bedpost to the other, now hanging forlornly straight down.

They count the loops each day.  Taking one off becomes a slower process.

We all count our moments in different ways.  The boys defied sleep and instead had a pillow fight.  Instead of scolding, I joined them for a bit.  Then I went downstairs and listened to them compete for the loudest fake fart.  When it was quiet I went up to find them exhausted and sleeping in random places on the floor.

I scooped them each up and held them in their twilight shiftings.

They missed each other the last few days while Little Man was gone.  They tease and taunt one another and tempers flair quickly.  But they soothe just as fast.  Soccer Boy jestfully giggled his pleasure that Little Man missed out on swimming and seeing an auto museum, but when he realized that we weren’t going to return as a trio, he was upset.  Little Man claimed that he didn’t miss Soccer Boy at all, but couldn’t get enough of the pictures we took in his absence.  It’s not the same when they aren’t together.

August 1st is coming quickly.

But we will live and love in the moments that we have left.  We will count, but we won’t dwell on what is coming.

Tonight, Soccer Boy made as if to stretch the paper chain loops back across the bedposts.

I wish I could stretch them across the sky.

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