One Week

Tonight, for the first time, he came to me and willingly sat on my lap.

Relaxed into my body and entwined his arms with mine.

I rocked and rocked him and he almost fell asleep.

I don’t really understand this whole adventure and what is happening in our home.

I am amazed at how he has become a part of our lives so quickly.

Last Saturday was Soccer Boy’s first full day with us, arriving here at 1:30am.  From the beginning, he was a feisty little thing.  He put up his first fight within the half hour (yes, at two o’clock in the morning) and gave us the first sign that nothing would ever be the same.

Tonight, as we left my mom’s house, he mimed that my mom was crazy.  And I said, yes, and she gave me crazy, and I gave Little Man crazy.   And you are crazy.

He said, we three are crazy.  We are crazy together.

Yes, I said.  You fit here.  We three are crazy together.

P1010570At bedtime, he reads the affirmation “Soccer Boy is confident and never gives up.”  And he smiles, and looks me in the eye, wanting to believe it, surprised to be told.

I didn’t know how true that would be.

Before he came, I made a paper chain of affirmations—things that are good and wonderful about Soccer Boy, things that he may have never been told.  He is smart.  He is funny.  He is brave.  He is kind.  I glued each one on the inside of the link of the chain and put them on the end of his bed.  Each night he opens one and reads something true about himself.

Obviously, I didn’t know him and I didn’t know what to write.  But I prayed and found the words.  Trusted that they would bring truth beyond my own understanding.

Sometimes simply telling a person that they possess a value does an amazing thing…it makes them believe that they are that thing, and they become it.

I want him to believe that he is valued and good and kind and sweet.

And loved.  So very loved.

Man esi mīl, pērtiķis, my little monkey boy.

Kissing his nightly affirmation.

Kissing his nightly affirmation.

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