Introducing Picassa

IMG_6482“So can I tell you a secret?”

Why, yes…I love secrets!

“I want to host.  I want to do this.  Right now.  This Christmas.”

My sweet friend Dana, with a secret in her heart.  A love for an orphan she’s never met.  Moved to do something about it.

I will be honest: I was a little surprised.  Dana and her husband Dave are wonderful friends, and they supported and encouraged me through my journey with Soccer Boy.  But they have a sixteen month old son.    They are in the process of moving. They are busy.

In the temporal, I never would have suggested this.  I thought they were focused on other (important) things.  Maybe next summer, I would bring it up.

But in the end, it’s not my words that matter.  It’s not my encouragement that needs to speak perfectly and convincingly.  There is a voice that whispers in the heart.  And that whisper is so much more powerful than my voice could ever be.

And Dana heard the whisper and was moved.

And she took a breath and spoke it out loud to her husband, and he heard it too.

I never said anything to them at all.  At least not with words.

Because I was busy speaking to Someone else.

I had not told anyone this, but several months ago, when I made the decision to become a back-up family for the Christmas hosting season, I specifically began to pray that a child would be brought into my life that did not fit my “qualifications” (a boy around Little Man’s age).

I started praying about the teenagers.

Then the female teenagers specifically.

Then the female teenagers who might be open to visas.

Guess what the girl Dana and Dave picked said?

This is Picassa.

Picassa Pencil                     Picassa building

Once again, my expectations have been defied for a plan better than I could imagine.  Here I was, thinking that this girl was going to come into my life as a last-minute teen in need of a back-up…but the reality is so much sweeter.

The reality is that Picassa wants to be a hairdresser.  Guess what Dana’s sister does for a living?

The reality is that Picassa loves art and is quite talented artistically.  Guess what Dana’s degree is in?

The reality is that Picassa is loved by name.

Loved so much in all these details.

And I, too, am loved.  I am shown faithfulness and care.  I got this, the voice whispers. Just wait and see.

Even at the very moment that Dana and Dave sat down to discuss this “crazy idea” and make a decision, a friend of mine posted a plea on Facebook for prayers for Picassa and that someone would host her.

One of my other friends knows Picassa personally.  Has met her.  Has pictures.  And artwork.  And answered prayersShe can sleep better knowing that Picassa has been chosen, she told me.

This girl, so loved before she is even here.

This journey, so scary and exciting and faith-building.

I’m beyond thrilled to welcome these dear friends on this journey.

And I can’t wait to see what other beautifully orchestrated details change our lives through this precious Picassa.

One thought on “Introducing Picassa

  1. […] And then my friends Dave and Dana decided to host.  Ah! THAT was why I was praying for a teen girl!  They wanted one.  And subtly, I mentioned Sunshine.  Okay, not so subtly.  I don’t really do subtle, either.  But they had their hearts set on Picassa….and what a match! […]

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