A Family Found, A Child Loved

This is a story of miracles.

This is an update on K, the boy I wrote about in September.  K was about to age out and desperately wanted a family.  It seemed impossible.   If no one stood up and reached out for him by his birthday at the end of October, then he would never be able to be adopted.  A few prayed about it, but for various reasons were unable to move forward.

I’ll be honest and say that this boy kept me up nights.  I knew what I thought would be a great plan for him–I had some friends who I thought would be wonderful–but they were among the few who prayed and did not pursue.

And there were others up nights, too.  On their knees for this boy.  Whispering pleas for him.

And then.

Fourteen days out from his birthday, a family stepped forward, and fundraising began.  The family needed $5000 in order to file the needed paperwork to stop the clock on K’s aging out.  The goal was set in faith at $8500.  The goal was met, and then exceeded.  A total of $15,000 was raised in a little over a week.

Mountains were moving.

And then.

The family found out that they did not meet the age requirement to adopt, and there was no time to ask for an exception.  Many of us were knocked sideways.  How could this happen?  Something big was happening for this boy…it looked like a miracle was coming…but now?  Why would all this money come if this child wasn’t going to be adopted?

Eight days left.  Hurting hearts.

And then.

My friends.  The ones I had thought of from the start and then dismissed.  They announced they had been working frantically behind the scenes and they were ready.  They had less than a week to file the paperwork to stop the clock and declare their intentions.

With literally hours to spare, the papers were accepted.

Meet two true superheroes: Phil and Eileen.


Read the story from their perspective here.

PLEASE consider giving to support Phil & Eileen on their journey.  They need to raise $10,000 for this next leg.

Donate to Forever Family for K

There is still a long way to go.  A lot of mountains to be moved.  But there is faith.  There is hope.  And most of all, there is love.

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