Back to No Normal

1227132133One of my favorite phrases that Sunshine uses is “This no normal.”  At first, I thought that it was meant in a critical way.  Then I realized that this is what she says any time something is a little bit off, whether weird, wrong, or wryly observed.

And I realized that, while sometimes things that are no normal can be annoying, for the most part, no normal things entertain and interest her.

You want no normal?  You’ve come to the right place, my dear.

Things that have been declared “no normal”:


Little Man.

Little Man’s bodily noises.

My clothing.

Some of my music.

The way I talk about having relationships with boys.

My silly singing.

No chocolate popcorn at theatres.

Polite people in grocery stores.

The fact that the response to “thank you” is “you’re welcome.”

The English language (which is also “lazy”).

My favorite hat, which is apparently an embarrassment to teens everywhere.

I love that no normal makes her laugh again, and I love that she has embraced the no normal in our lives.  Last week was hard, because I think that the no normal was grating on her—nothing was what it should be, and she missed home.  And I love that now I can read which sort of no normal she is expressing.  I didn’t wear my embarrassing no normal hat because I love her, and I knew the “eek! Please don’t do this to me!” behind that “no normal” was different than a silly or observant “no normal.”

Today we both turned a corner.  We have fully embraced the life of no normal.

Today, the three of us headed out toward Washington DC.  Partway into the trip, I locked my keys in the car at a gas station.  This was no normal.  AAA was no normal for her country.  But really good idea.

No one was upset, no one was stressed.  And I found out later that while we were waiting, Little Man took Sunshine aside and told her how much he liked her.  Sweet, no normal boy.

We dropped Little Man off for a solo weekend adventure and were on our way to DC for a special weekend trip together.

And on this day, my girl returned.  The no normal girl that this no normal mama loves with every ounce of my heart was back.

We walked through Capital Hill and ate sushi, which she adores.  And in the restaurant, we made “Sunshine’s No Normal Tea” (she named it).


This is tea, sugar, fake sugar, wasabi, daikon, pepper sauce, salt, pepper, lemon, chicken, and rice.

We both giggled like eight year olds creating this concoction.  We are no normal.

And then we walked and talked.  She rode her first Metro (the noises were no normal, but okay).  She saw some of Washington’s beautiful architecture lit up at night.  She threatened to tell New Horizons on me when I crossed an empty street on a red light because this was no normal. She always knew I was a rule breaker.

So I did it again.  Just to make her laugh.

This no normal life is just where I want to be.

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