Meet Our Little Pumpkin

She’s here!  I’m a Nana!!

I’m so excited to announce that Sunshine had a little girl yesterday.  This little Pumpkin was born in the early hours of October 31st and weighed in just under seven pounds.  Sunshine was in labor for over a day, and is tired, but very happy.  She’s already the best mama for this little girl, and Mr. Darling is over the moon as a proud papa.

The only problem is she doesn’t seem to understand that it is impossible to send me enough pictures!

They are staying off of social media at the moment, so if you want to share you excitement, please do it privately.  I was given special permission to post this blog, because Sunshine knows how many here in the United States have been waiting to hear this good news, “and no one reads this blog except you strange Americans.”

Sass and cuteness really is the best combination.


And some additional exciting news: I have reserved my ticket and will be traveling to Latvia November 18th to spend a whole week with this sweet new family.  I can’t wait for all the cuddles and mama conversations! And don’t worry: I take my role as paparazzi very seriously.  Maybe she’ll even let me post some.

I will be doing an online auction in the next week to raise money to help this new little family while I am there.  If you would like to donate an item for the auction, please contact me.  If you would prefer to contribute financially, you can do that here.

Thank you all so much for your care and support—your interest and abundant love speaks volumes across an ocean.  Sunshine doesn’t always understand why you care so much, but that’s okay.  Unconditional love is hard to explain, but life-changing to feel.  Thank you.

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