I do so many things: I’m a single mother; the owner and operator Write from the Heart; a freelance writer and producer; an adjunct instructor at a community college.  But my goal is to not be defined by what I do, but who I am: a person trying to live in the world in a way that will matter.  I don’t fit a lot of the time.  And I’m not just a square peg … I feel like I’m hexagonal. I want to belong, but on my own terms, with all my sharp pointy bits celebrated, not just tolerated.   What I’ve discovered, what I continue to discover, is that sometimes you just have to break out the hacksaw and make your own space.  It might not be pretty, and it might not be smooth.  But it’s my own.  I don’t mind if I’m not easily defined….I don’t want to fit into all the pre-made slots or become complacent in my comfort.  I want to be a hexagonal peg in a round-holed world.

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  1. jennifer

    I like this…I like it!

  2. Jen T

    You inspire me Dorah. I’m proud to be your friend. Looking forward to meeting Soccer Boy and hearing many stories!

  3. Janet

    I was a homeschooling single mom. Boy, did I not fit…..so I can relate. I still don’t fit, as a mother of grown kids who desperately wishes to not be an empty nester.

  4. Trish

    Hi! Thanks for your posts. It is a great relief to find another single host parent – you’re the first I have found! I just sent my boy back to the Philippines and am struggling with the decision making. Nice to read your perspective. Trish in NM

    • Thanks! There are three or four of us on the EE side that I know of. The first several days are really hard, aren’t they??

  5. Trish

    Not as hard as I thought they would be. My boy was a pretty easy kid, though he did express some grief and sadness in the first week, but it was endearing and sweet. Did you adopt your child after hosting? If so, was there much change in his behavior after bringing him home for good vs. the hosting period?

    • I did not adopt. Soccerboy went back to his bio parents, and Sunshine is host only due to age.

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